The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Mothers Ruin - Blip Madness Again!

Not been anywhere today, so it was a case of using up a blip I have had in mind for about a week, and partly re-inspired by Welsh Si's Knight Light Blip.

It was another one of those blips where you question you sanity again!

To make this blip, I used my table top studio (ie, the kitchen table). I then had to balance the gin bottle precariously on two piles of books (if it had fallen over and broke I suspect my life would not have been worth living!). Surround the bottle with blacked out paper, and leave a peep hole for the Lego Man LED torch I got for Christmas to shine through. I then used a polo neck black T shirt (you can use a normal black T shirt if you prefer) hung over the kitchen lights as a black cloth back drop.

It only took two shots to get it right, and little cloning to get rid of light spots on the black back ground.

It is only now I am questioning my sanity and what I used to do with my life before I started blipping!

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