Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Retro Specs!

The boys have fallen in love wholesale with Stef's box of antique specs. No sooner do I get any out to try a still life project then they appear, as if by magic, demanding to be allowed to try them on.

Noah hasn't quite got the hang of specs may be able to spot the deliberate mistake here (aside from the even-more- obvious one that they are patently girls' specs!)

I couldn't decide between this one or this one. so I cheated and uploaded both ;-)

Good day at work. One dear old 93-year-old fell asleep in the consulting-room chair and I had to wake him up and yet another letter to a school regarding poor (or in this case non-existent) support provision for a dyslexic teen. other than that, fairly uneventful.

Oh, and H has a new school project. Last term it was Romans. This term it's India. He can choose anything he likes about India and produce a project on it. He has decided his will be about food and he is going to research spices and Indian ingredients and cook some Indian food and take it in to share on his presentation day. Good...I heartily approve, mainly because he can get to feel first hand what it's like to slave over some delicious meal only to have children go, 'Euuurgh...I'm not eating that...' ...evil grin...

And this was not originally going to be my blip today. I'm actually channelling Spitzimixi, or she's channelling me, because I bought some colourful sherbert saucers this morning when I spotted them in the Newsagent, with the express intention of using them in a still life this evening. Then the boys raided the spec box and I went with this instead!

Edit: Earlier Noah sidestepped into the room, his legs wide apart, and announced, 'I done a great big poo and now walking is very tricky!' Hmmm...did I really need to know that?

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