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By walkingMarj

Delightful encounters

No blip yesterday - totally lacking photo inspiration. Today I am spoilt for choice.

I went to Gateshead today to meet with Lady Kitt plus husband, A, and baby, F. At 2pm on the last Saturday of every month they go to the middle of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge to blow bubbles for 13 minutes, to spread a little happiness. Today we were the only ones there, but passing children were happy to join in with us.

Kitt is a performance artist and come up with all sorts of ideas. This is probably one of her more mainstream ones........

After the bubbles, and lovely photos of the baby, I bumped into a very old friend as I was leaving the bridge. Later we met again for longer at an exhibition of Chinese art in a Chinese Community Centre in the Chinese district of the city. The work was lovely and I watched Dr Wu demonstrating the basic techniques to paint bamboo branches.

I was so glad I made the effort to go out.

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