An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Jaggy Thistle

I seem to have thistles on the brain at the moment!

Since blipping a thistle on what would have been my gran and grandpa's wedding anniversary and wearing my gran's thistle necklace for Burn's night, thistles have been cropping up again and again in my life!

Clearing out cupboards during the week I found a beautiful glass vase with thistles engraved on it that belonged to my gran that I'd forgotten I had, then yesterday when I was clearing out my table linen I found a tablecloth that my gran emboidered before she got married and each corner has a beautifully stitched thistle!

But prior to those finds I had asked Ele to get me some thistles from the florists she works in as over the last 7 days I have had an increasing desire to photograph a thistle and have it put onto a canvas! Hmmmm.....methinks Granny Mag is trying to get a message through! :-))

I suspect there will be more thistle blips this week as I try to get the shot I can see in my mind but haven't yet managed to take!

This one's not too bad large.

Thought I would blip this one today as it ties in nicely with today's premiere of Scotland the World Over. Well done to everyone who managed to get to the screenings. I can just imagine how fantastic the atmosphere was and love that the event tied in with Leeanne's 100th Blip! Serendipity indeed! :-)))

A good and not so good day today.....not good as Alan's not well. Bad cold that has gone into his chest in less than 24 hours so straight onto antibiotics. As usual whenever he's not well my mood dips as he copes with so much already, that it breaks my heart to see him not well.

But a good day in that D & I managed to clear out his room and Marion has taken a mountain of toys and books to be sold at a car boot sale to raise funds for children with leukemia (that puts Alan's chest infection into perspective!) AND got a phone call from the Sofa Workshop to say our sofas will be delivered on Saturday, so only have to put up with the stylish arrangment of furniture in yesterday's blip for a few more days! :-)))

Hope everyone's had a good weekend. Thank you so much for keeping dropping in on me when I am being such an awful blip pal at the mo! I am suffering from severe blip withdrawal as although I have managed to view a few journals, not been able to comment much. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Hope all my English Blip Pals are coping alright with any snow that has come your way....loving the snow blips! :-))

Enjoy what's left of the weekend :-)) xx

P.S. Oh yes, the dishwasher has sprung a leak!!! Another reason I'm as crabbit as hell less than jolly!

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