The Back Lane

My head feel like it's bursting this morning.

I've convinced myself that I'm suffering from high blood pressure, I felt like I had a hot face all last night and I'm out of shape.

Today, of course, could be the first day in a program to change all that.

I took this shot of a back lane down the road as I went to get the paper this morning. In a few minutes I have to coach Son #1 and 20+ others in the art of football (a skill I have never really possessed). Mrs Running Backwards has just brought my Saturday morning treat - a lovely cup of coffee.

The postman has just delivered my new (old) 28mm K fit lens and it fits and it works.

Beaten to the blip today by my colleague Trials and Tribulations with one of his excellent dog shots. Few people know that he employs a cardboard cut-out to achieve the perfect effect. My other blipping colleague Flipscokid made claims yesterday that she was going to be getting her blips in early in future and maybe she will!

Have a great day, whatever happens!

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