Just the Withers......

By JaneW

World book day #2 ...

So Lucy is Judy Moody (see book she is holding) and Eve is one of Judy Moody's friends called Gigi and she has big teeth and big glasses.. perfect,not too much effort required,I love my girls ;)
It is also my 1st year anniversary of meeting Woman of my dreams...

Our eyes did not meet over a table,no they met on blip and I said to her I would be a French fancy (cake to people who have no idea) and I wanted to kill people... and she understood me ..... a rare thing ;)
Why have you not sent me a gift ??

Then I had a rather lovely surprise after working at school this lunchtime,Kirstie AKA Pidge popped in for coffee and she brought me MARSHMALLOW TWIZZELS AND CAKE :D Thank you Kirst,see you next week xxx

p.s off to the cinema tonight with Sammling,Velvet frog and DDLC to see that one set in India with the long name xxx

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