Lunch With Caitlyn

What a gorgeous day. I want to press the pause button on the weather and keep it like this for the next six months. Just perfect!

I headed into Dundee this afternoon to catch up with Katie for a belaed Mothers' day lunch (I agonised over that comma). We went to Marco Polos which was just right for the type of lunch we wanted. Very attentive waiting staff and I got some flowers from Caitlyn which will keep me in back up blip fodder for the next week or so ;) It was good to catch up on the family gossip. Katie is off for the next two weeks on leave and is also off to Las Vegas. I am praying she doesn't head off to the chapel of love! (mind you it would save me a fortune if she did!!)

After lunch we tried to find somewhere for a spot of cafe culture and people watching but none was to be found so we had cake and drinks and sat by the city centre churches. Dundee seems to have gone slightly loopy on the fashion front with the merest hint of warm weather. Oh the sights!

Back home and a chill in the late afternoon sun with Mr Lif. Perfect

Happy Sunday blippers x

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