BlipaEwan 9...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I try to get them on the

same date of each month (the one year ago thumbnail has proved a brilliant tool for this series) and in the same pose so

that I can see them change over time.

What can I say about Ewan this month? Well lets start here... Yep, Ewan is sitting here playing with his first of 5 casts I think from when he broke his leg when he and Mrs TFP slipped down the stairs. The first cast lasted about a week and then he was getting them off in less than 24 hours until the doctors finally decided (whilst he had the foot of his affected leg in his mouth) that it's probably better letting him home without one after 2 weeks. It was only a small 'green stick' fracture and it is the type of injury that heals very quickly in babys.

Aside from that. Ewan is really starting to show personality now. Getting excited and bouncing manically when people dance for him and trying to roll around the floor when unattended. He looks so like his sister playing with her same piano toy at that age. His sitting is getting really good as well, only had to be picked up once from this photo session.

I think he has also gained his sister's habit of trying to play us when it's bed time. Happy as you like before bedtime until he is laid down when he starts wailing until someone puts their head in. No tears, just wailing. Any parents will probably recognize the trait from some time or another and will probably know how hard it is to stop from going back into the room until they settle.

You can check out the rest of this series by entering the word BlipaEwan into the Blipfoto search tool.

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