By Nigel

Purple Rain

Some experimentation was in order with the Parfait Amour I brought back from Portugal. After a coupe of attempts to find out what would go with this strange purple drink (decided to base the drink on gin, tried lillet to no avail) I ended up with 2 shots gin, 1 shot each of gomme and parfait amour and a dash (1/8th teaspoon) of rose water. I was surprised how much gomme I needed and also that the lillet didn't go well taste wise and also the lillet diluted the lovely purple colour. I'm not sure it is perfect yet but it's close. The book inthe background is my favourite cocktail book so far. It explains the history and some taste science about what makes classic drinks classic, and also advocates a mix to your own taste methodology rather than being a bartenders go to book like our Diffords books are.

So it is the last day of holiday, it has been raining most of the day, my mood matches the rain and thus the gin basis of the drink. I always find it a very melancholy taste (and it tastes of flowers go figure) and tomorrow I will have to get used to whatever it is that I do for a living again. Write code that's right, I'm sure it's just like riding a bike :-/

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