Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Knitted Worm!

These are the BEST YET!

Our local urban knitters are celebrating the forthcoming literary festival in the town by installing these gorgeous little knitted bookworms all over the place - on railings, lampposts, and street signs! I think they're the cutest ever - and I may even be inspired to start knitting such little fellows myself! We could keep them all over the house!

Today I did the local jobs in town that were left over after yesterday's big trip out. I also did some more stuff at home - paying bills, dealing with some of the more urgent e-mails and so on,



I looked out my old CVs (from 2003 and 2006 as it turns out) and started to work on them!

The reason, I received an e-mail from my "job lady" who I used to work with, saying that the place where I did my language teaching work experience is after tutors.

So, CV and job application letter has rocketed up the to-do list!

A bit more sorting at home too. More washing, more tidying, and so on.

In the evening we took Smudge to the vet - she had blood in her wee, and we were rather concerned. However, the vet seems to think she just has some sort of bladder infection or cystitis, so gave her the appropriate injections. The vet also shaved off some of the more spectacular knots in her coat with clippers - she looks rather smart now!

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