By KirstyHalbert


Woke up a little ill today; sick and headachey and feeling like I'd been kicked in the kidneys. Nothing better than being at home when you're under the weather though, with Mum to mollycoddle you. This morning I simply pampered myself: had a nice long shower, did my hair and had a flick through Blip to get some inspiration for a photo.

Later, Mum and I popped out to Ripon for a quick food shop, and I drove home. I've still not passed my test but don't find driving a problem at all... I just need to get the test booked and get it done this summer.

This evening, after a lovely dinner, Mum and I just settled down to watch a bit of Graham Norton while I painted my nails. Unfortunately, little Molly-dog drank a WHOLE cup of coffee that I'd only had one sip out of and stupidly left on a low table. Devastated... It was a lovely coffee! Now she's needing let out to the garden every 2 minutes too. She's a sneaky wee devil; she waited until John Bishop was talking about Sport Relief on the TV and I was distracted!

Oh, and I edited a photo I took ages ago and put it up on my Blip... I have a few gaps to catch up on where I have the photo, but haven't edited yet. It's a self-portrait which I find quite hard to put up. Anyway, it's here if you want to see it. The strawberry was one of a lovely punnet from Holland; so sweet and juicy... I'm convinced the smaller they are the better they taste. I couldn't resist them: as I walked past them in the supermarket that wonderful perfume was calling out to me.

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