softly ticking before I realised it was morning, 7 o'clock.
Good for the poor plants that had really suffered a bit from the sun yesterday.
Soon enough the rain stopped and another warm day began.
I walked a bit, just a short walk and met the little mouse!
In the afternoon I suddenly decided that I could paint the legs of the benches. It had to match the covers upon them. I had in mind purple but that colour was not available in the store, so I decided on the soft blue that I still had left.
Easy enough one already done and since we make a trip to Schwalefeld in Sauerland (less than 100 km away from us) tomorrow where my sister and her partner have a nice apartment I intend to continue thursday. Then I will also paint the chairs and the legs of the table. Don't understand where my zeal is coming from.

My haiku:

Why can't a mouse not
Be eminent I wonder
Often seeing her

And the german :

It is not the mouse but the hole that does the injury.

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