Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Dry Skin...

Hubs picked today's blip.  I was all set to blip this ONE, with his approval but then he saw this one and said - this isit.  Who am I to argue with Hubs?  Understand that he isn't a bird-guy, but he said that this photo fascinated him because it showed how truly prehistoric and unreal the wood storks look.  I cropped this photo vertically to get rid of the extra space around the stork's head - I think this close crop allows the viewer to focus on the textures.  And, I love wood storks.  

My seven other contenders from today posted starting HERE on Flickr

We had a nice long chat with my parents this morning - always makes me feel good.  And agreed that I am going to make a little trip out to Phoenix next month to spend a few days with them!  (They've promised to try to find a roadrunner for me...)  

Hubs and I went to a favorite spot (Conch Republic) for lunch on their deck today - seafood gumbo for him and Mahi-mahi (fish) tacos for me.  Delicious and it was lovely to sit outside.

After we got back, I ran over to Lake Seminole to get a few shots while hubs worked on a little project in the townhouse.  

Three more sleeps...


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