Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


Today me, Jess, and Lesley went to Leazes park after school, it was perfect, we have to do it again as soon as possible.

It was a bit rubbish this morning however, because I went into school to see David and Bethan before their exam and wish them luck, but Jess and Lesley didn't turn up for hours so I was sat on my own feeling crappy. But 'YOLO', as all the cool kids seem to be saying these days.

I gave Bethan a hug and a kiss, and sent her on her way, shouting that she'll do me proud I just know it. I always get a drop sinking feeling in my stomach when she walks away from me. It's like she's never coming back or something. I hate it.

Only 6 days until her last exam though, so surely i'll see her soon. I hope she's okay after exams and that exams/I, haven't ruined her for good. I just want my girl back really. I feel lost without her. I hope she really does want me, or I'm not quite sure where I'll end up. Hah.

I'm going to meet Beth tonight, most likely we'll talk about weird stuff. I considered giving up smoking today because sometimes I just don't see the point. But when it's summer I don't think i'll think that even slightly. So my theory is, just scrounge tabs for a month or so, rather than buying my own, and see where that gets me. Then again, I could just get an E-lite, and that way I can smoke during class, which is hilarity in my eyes.


"The reason my username, is catsblood, is because I should never have been born into a human world nor, as one of them, I am not able to cope with the ups and downs and stress that come along with people, and therefore the blood I bleed is not that of a human, but of a cat, as they are often all I can relate to, and feel at home with.
I wish to not feel the trials and tribulations of love or of lust, as they are a tangle of emotions that you can never grow used to even after years of experience. Instead I wish to curl up on a windowsill and console my own miserable owner, when their times too, become unbearable."

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