St Abbs Lighthouse

Another lovely day so we decided to go for a walk. After lunch we went to St Abbs and walked to the lighthouse via the Mire Loch and then back along the cliffs.  I love this place, but a couple of years ago we got caught up (as innocent bystanders) in a helicopter rescue of someone who we thought must have fallen off the cliffs.  We subsequently found out that the individual hadn’t fallen from the cliff path.  He had been at the bottom of the cliffs and was trying to climb up to the cliff path to where his family were.  He didn’t make it and had fallen to his death on the rocks.  We have not walked along the cliff path since then, until today.  All in all it was quite an anxious walk for me – the perils of the cliff path, BB on the cliff path, the thought of not completing the walk before it got dark and although it had been quite still inland, it was very windy on the cliffs.

All was fine – no need to worry - and I didn't really need to frog march them round as we seemed to do the walk in record time.   We all enjoyed it, and I am sure we will do it again.

Home in time for TT and BB to watch their  football teams play each other.  There is some tension in this house and we can’t have tea till the match is over.

Poor TT is back to work tomorrow, but as the schools are off tomorrow, BB and I have one more day of holiday to go.  I wonder what we shall get up to.

 Here is the lighthouse and foghorn at St Abbs.

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