Bundt Cake

It was the last day of the holidays and what a lazy day BB and I had, though TT went back to work today.  I am not sure where the morning went, but BB and I spent it in our pyjamas.  He was hooked up to technology or watching TV.  I made my first ever Bundt cake, caught up with the piles of washing (but not the ironing), and a few other chores.  It was such a miserable day we weren’t motivated to go out.

We did eventually go out at lunchtime, and had a muddy walk round by the river, ending up in the GG café for pizza and chips - it will be back to school dinners (BB) and sandwiches (me) tomorrow.  The café seemed to be having trouble getting going again, with a lack of cutlery, glasses and tomato ketchup!  All the time we were out BB chatted to me about Lego, Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars – which ended up with him telling me how he had really wanted a specific Lego set for Christmas.  He was trying to work out how he could make a £20 amazon voucher stretch to £100 to cover the set.  Answers on a post card please!

We came home and I iced my cake and phoned granny and grandad to make sure they hadn’t been washed away.

Early nights all round tonight I think.

I don’t often blip food, but here is the cake.  It’s brighter than another grey day blip of the river.

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