A World in Grey

We were all weary after our late night, but the boys were up and out to church.  BB was seriously flagging when they got back.  It was a grim a day, and strangely BB requested that we go up a nearby hill.  We decided not to, but we did head over to North Berwick for a walk.  Almost immediately we were starting to regret our actions as it was very wet and quite horrid.  Undaunted we headed down The Glen to the beach.  The sea was wild, but it wasn’t cold and we enjoyed our walk along the beach.  It was great watching the waves rolling in and crashing.

TT was weary when we got home, but volunteered to cook, and I caught up with some Christmas viewing.

War and Peace starts tonight.  I hope I can stay awake.

I took many shots of the sea today – all in shades of grey.  This is looking towards Lamb.

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