Gable End

We were all up a bit later than has been usual these past couple of weeks.  I went for a run, TT sat down to his marking and BB was pottering.  Later in the morning we all headed into town, mainly so the boys could get their hair cut.  I wandered while I waited on them.  We then rushed home for lunch before BB and I headed out to meet friends, leaving TT with his exam scripts.

We met our friends at the park.   The boys (and girl) played a while, but the boys were more interested in kicking a football so we moved to the football pitches, which luckily was in the sunshine and felt so much warmer than the park. Next on the cards were hot chocolates.  The boys trailed half the football pitch into the café where chips and hot chocolate were on the menu – an interesting combination.  We then walked back round by the river, where the boys continued kicking a football, till we parted and went our separate ways.

BB got straight back into his Lego making when we got home, and TT got himself organised to go out and play football.

I didn’t take many photographs today, but the colours and shapes of the stone patchwork in this old gable wall caught my eye.

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