Another River

In a brief period of sun this afternoon, we went down to Pooley Bridge and walked along the shores of Ullswater. This is a very popular walk and it was so nice today to have it virtually to ourselves. The sun was bright, but there was a chill wind. Here is the last bit of sun, before it went down behind the hills.
One River
When pennybun started her One River project, I started a similar one based on the River Eden. I didn’t get very far with it, as I found I was repeating things I had done when exploring the Eden Benchmarks. So, I have decided to begin another, this time using the River Eamont.
The River Eamont is one of the main tributaries of the River Eden. It is a fast-flowing river, prone to flooding, which it does on occasion in a quite spectacular fashion. It is only 12 miles long, but passes through some lovely parts of our area, has several interesting bridges and a lot of history around it.
So why start this project at a Lake? The answer is that this is the source. The River Eamont flows out of Ullswater and sometime soon I will blip the outflow at Pooley Bridge. Really exciting this!!

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