By KirstyHalbert


Meet Lars. He is (was) a real-life Norwegian reindeer... M and I bought him when we were over, we chose him out of the huge range they had because he was the only one covered in scars - I think he must have had an interesting life. He normally lives over the back of our sofa, but he's waterproof on the non-furry side so perfect for sitting/sleeping on when we're camping, and he's lovely to walk on too... The fur is incredible dense. I've not ever really felt anything like it!

Today I seem to have spent a lot of my time dreaming about holidays and planning for myself and M. If I take a week at Christmas, we can still have one 2-week holiday in summer and a 5-day break later in the year (perhaps with some snow-centred activities!). M will be onshore for his birthday this year - so excited! We're trying to think of something really fun to do. Get out of the country and go to Norway? Or somewhere totally different? Stay in Scotland and camp? So many choices!

Tonight L and I went to G's flat to watch Dirty Dancing... Somehow I've got to the grand old age of 23 without actually seeing this film. It was very very cheesy, but a good watch! We ate pizza and drank a bit too much red wine, and I'm ready to drop into bed as soon as I've finished my goodnight email to M. Lovely night :)

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