A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


This is not the in-tray, it's the not-entirely-sure-what-to-do-with-so-pile-it-here-and-let-it-mature-a-while-tray.

Some of it's been maturing for rather too long.  Not all of it is this century...

The surprise of yesterday was, when looking for Object X that "I'd put away somewhere safe" I found Object Y that "I'd put away somewhere safe" and subsequently forgotten where; so thoroughly forgotten that I bought a new one after a seemingly exhaustive search.

Even found Object X as well.  Hey, I can't be that senile yet otherwise I'd have forgotten what Object X was by now!

Object Y was a backup drive so much of the day (between scouring papers for share dividend tax vouchers) was spent clearing up the computer backup regime and carving elbow room on the smaller discs.

Tax Form is now "30% complete".  Yeah right. 

In other news, my temporary filling from Wednesday came apart, so off to the dentists this afternoon.  

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