A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


The simple observation that the sink in the Loo-in-the-corridor (don't ask) wasn't draining well leads to a lengthy process; the final part of which is discovering why the previous fitter had fitted the sink with a tilt to the rear (with corresponding lumps of filler and silicone).

Basically he'd made the water supply pipes a tad too short; so tilted the back down so they reached.

I've a quandary now; do I do it properly and re-make the pipes or do I re-do the bodge.

Sigh. It's only until we do this area properly, and there are other jobs waiting... we bodge.

Thence to find, after fitting the plumbing, the wall fixing is itself a bodge and screws into thin air.  Something that would have been sorted had I 'done it properly'.  OK, so we bodge that too.  

"It's only temporary".

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