A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Berry Berry

I'd omitted to change lens this morning so was a little limited in choice of shot on the lunchtime wander. There was a lovely array of gulls on a fence but they'd be about 2 pixels across.

All rather damp underfoot but I've no reason to complain. One of the advantages of the flatlands is that it takes so much water to raise the level by an inch that even in this rain it's not much different.

However, raise it by two inches and the entire county disappears.

Observed the Moron of the Week Day this morning. A cyclist, not only cycling on the dual carriageway, but in the wrong direction, in the fast lane.

I changed week to day as in the last two days I've followed drivers on the M11 demonstrating comparable levels of stupidity.

M's away this weekend. J and Ellis here tonight - we watched the first half of the Great Train Robbery drama we'd recorded.

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