A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Flowing fast and full

River Aire 1

The River Aire in Bingley this lunchtime.

Not surprising as we have had heavy rain with the howling winds that have come our way across the Atlantic over the last few days. Seen here from Ireland Bridge with the oldest part of  Bingley and the parish church in the back ground.

A few chores to do in town this morning and this route is the way into town from our village further up the hill. A quick look at the river here is always a good indicator of the amount of rain we have had. The weir is barely visible though it has been known to be completely covered and the back gardens of these houses on the ' Old Main Street' to flood.

The trees in the foreground are normally on a little 'island' of land and when the water is lower it is common to see a heron on the weir.

Just on 12.00 O'clock a bit of sun came through the cloud and the afternoon has been drier than the driving rain of the morning. 
Hope the river isn't going to get any higher!

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