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By creativelenna

Lightning and the Hawk

Amazing! My blip is done and dusted before 10am! Usually, it's more like 10pm for me . . . all because Lightning was out on the porch early this morning and I heard a strange meooow. I got out of bed to investigate and a neighbor's cat who is allowed outside was visiting with Lightning through the porch screen! Well, the visiting cat did not hang around long when he saw me. But the light was so beautiful and I am hardly ever out taking photos at 7am, so I went and got my camera. 

I spied the hawk across the water, many feet away. But with my Lumix, I can focus in on him, so I went for it. A sillouette, but still nice. Of course watching the whole time was Lightning! I don't think he really saw the hawk as it was so far away, but it sure looks like he saw something!! 

I also added this photo of Steven, showing me his blip of Asia & Chloe on the boat yesterday. Asia is sporting/styling the new sweater I bought her, so very cute and will help to stop her from shivering!  I'm sure many of you saw it already - I had not seen his blip, so he was sharing it with me. If you look close you'll see Asia on the brown couch on the right! That's it for now - Art Class with Bill Buchman this afternoon, whoooo! 

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