Where did the day go?  It was time to leave work before I was ready to leave!  Rushed to the station to find that my train was cancelled - Grrrr.  This meant that I got to after school club a wee bit late – BB and one other child (whose father was also on my train) were the last two children.  I did feel guilty as BB asked me if I would pick him up early tonight, but he was happy enough.  The wee girl who was still there has written her name on his plaster, as have some of his other friends.  Hers is the only one I could read though!

The evening all seemed a rush as there was lots to do and not enough time.  I did remember to phone my dad, who was attending hospital today in advance of him getting a hip replacement.  Things seem to have gone well, he just has to wait till he gets his appointment to find out where and when his operation will be.  My mum also updated me on her dodgy knee and the treatment plan.  The young and the old in our family are making good use of the NHS at the moment!

Blips were absent today as I left my camera at home.  Here is a cactus which has the most amazing flowers.  TT bought it for me on Christmas Eve, but I was too ill to even notice it for about three weeks.  Is it a Christmas cactus?


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