Park Entrance

BB and I were just heading out the back door this morning, when someone rang the front doorbell.  It was the man with my car, at 07:40.  Well, I hadn’t expected that, and would have missed him if BB hadn’t been messing about and generally not getting ready.  I was due to pay him the excess, and had been told I could pay by card or cash (no cheques).  I had planned to pay by card, but he had no way of accepting a card.  I zoomed out to drop BB at breakfast club and picked up some cash from the hole in the wall. 

I zoomed back, parted with the cash, signed he paperwork and managed to get to work just after 09:00.  I then spent much of the day in meetings.

BB has done some homework tonight – though not with as much enthusiasm as last night.

I need to get organised for the morning as we have a very early start.

I have always wanted to blip this old sign at the entrance to our local park.  I think the gold painted bit at the top was probably once a gas lamp.

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