A busy day.  I dropped BB off at breakfast club and then came home to phone the garage (at 8am) to make sure that they were bringing the car back this morning.  The person I spoke to didn’t know and said they would call me back.  I gave them till 9am – and as I hadn’t heard, I called back for an update, only to be told they had left me a message.  They had in fact left a message ion TT’s mobile – not so helpful as he is on the other side of the world.  The outcome was that it wasn’t ready.  I headed to work, got in about 10am and played catch up all day.

I managed to run out in the rain at lunchtime to return my jumper with the holes and got my money back no problem-hurrah!

I had to stop and pay an excess fare tonight, as the ticket seller on the train sold me the wrong ticket this morning.  As I was waiting to pay, an elderly lady was being led away by the British Transport Police, apparently she too had an excess fare to pay and was refusing.  She had smashed a bottle and was shouting the odds!!  I just paid up quietly and got my train home.

We have had an evening of homework - maths, spelling, hand writing, cello, and reading.  Whew!!  The maths was on the computer - and we couldn't access it, but he improvised with something else they have been doing at school.

My paper whites are almost done with flowering.  They are very frilly flowers – I prefer something simpler.


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