Inside a Tulip

Today was technically my last day in my job, but the reality is that I will be working between both jobs next week as I have a few things to tidy off and a handover to do with the colleague who is temporarily stepping into my role to mind the shop for the next three months.  Work was incredibly busy again when an urgent request, about something I knew very little, landed in my in box. I did manage to escape from my desk to see a former colleagues and friend who had popped in with her new baby - it was lovely to see them and to meet baby M.  Later in the day I had a very useful chat with someone who used to do the job I am about to do.

Another packed train home – I didn’t get a seat and was just squeezed in along with many others.  BB had cubs tonight and as my train was late, we had a very quick turn around to get him back out.  I was planning to go for a run, but I was just worn out so I went for a walk instead.

No blips today, so luckily my tulips have obliged.

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