Kennet & Avon Canal

...near Devizes, top of the Caen Hill flight of locks, nearing sunset

Walking by water is good for the soul and the placid beauty of a canal is especially so, so a bus trip out to Devizes this afternoon.

The buses end quite early and so it is only in winter can I be there at sunset, so made the most of this scene. There's something about this time of day, as the harsh reality of daytime dissolves into a fuzzy glow, with more emphasis on shapes.

 This part of the Canal path is humunguously busy with cyclists and pedestrians at almost all times of the year but the single person, who had just fed those so-graceful swans, had caught my eye, as I made my way back into Devizes. The Caen Hill Locks are one of Canal's seven wonders of the world and I shall have to return to get another Blip of them. I had previously blipped them back in Nov 2013.

The silhouetted building is a lovely café, but which is closed at this time of year. LARGE could be good!

Lens is the very old manual Nippon Kogaku 35mm f1.4, here on the DX D7000, giving a 52mm equivalent.

Proper, decent Lasagne from the supermarket chiller cabinet (and not the usual polysterene-textured frozen 99p Findus etc) to look forward to. Comfort food, on a cold evening but after a very nice little walk and a very nice little Blip to go with it too!

Thanks for all your lovely wishes yesterday - I don't feel a whole lot better but there again, no worse.

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