Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

The Good Life

It's been another non-stop, out-of-the-flat all day day!! Can't believe the weekend is over with no ironing done. ;(

This is Mercato Mall which was our last stop before we finally came home. I wanted to come here mainly to drop off my favourite pair of jeans which need to be mended, but today for some reason, we decided to have a broggle and ended up in a part of the Mall we'd never been in before and discovering new stores. My blip is of the main atrium looking to the food court.

Prior to this I had visited a clinic on beach road, and the day began setting out to do the weekly shop but a full walk around in IKEA preceded that. My ankles are having a shout now and I am quite tired, so going to keep this short and apologise for not commenting all weekend as I've hardly been on my laptop! Sorry!

I still haven't decided whether to keep the phone or not. There isn't really a comparable alternative to replace it. :(

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