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By Eej

Hummers and Jays and Baby Reds, oh my!

Well, I sort of gave it away in the title there, but today is officially the day of the first hummingbird visit. No photographic evidence but then, I have almost 2 summers of Blip worth of failed hummingbird photos. It's a miracle I succeed once in a while!

I played Fetch again with the Jays; 2 of them, which was confusing because the one I played with yesterday still totally got it and the other one had no idea what I was doing at first - but to me it seemed it was the same bird. I didn't realise until they both settled on the fence.
Also, a little titmouse wanted to get in on the action but Mr. Smart would have none of that and chased him out of the yard. Then, when the Mr. flew away to eat/hide his loot, the little titmouse was back faster in the yard than you can say "peanut!"

I was getting ready to go inside when I heard the most crazy racket and saw a little squirrel come down from the neighbour's tree. No, no, make that 2 little squirrels! No, wait, BABIES! Little baby reds no less!
They both scaled the fence and as one of them stayed there and screamed, the other ran towards the tree I was standing behind, but obviously not seeing me. It was funny. But probably more so for me, as I knew I wasn't going to hurt him.

I'm already as emotionally stable as ... uhm ... well, an unstable person, and the hummingbird had drained me from my last bit of stability. So I cried a little. And I'm posting a far-away-and-a-litte fuzzy photo instead of a crisp one of Jay Smart. C'mon; squirrel baby!

(Just for me: work is mayhem. I should probably say something. We'll see if I can be so assertive)

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