A time for everything

By turnx3

Barge passing Héricy

It was a beautiful day today, wall-to-wall sunshine, blue skies and really mild temperatures - about 10 C. I was foolish not to make better use of it, but I am still not sleeping well at night, and so I wasn't feeling very energetic this morning. This afternoon I was meeting a friend from church in Fontainebleau for a coffee, and we enjoyed sitting in the sun in the front window, watching the world go by and having a good chat. whilst I was in town, I also picked up tickets for the Opera from the Met at the cinema on Saturday evening. We parted company about 4.15, and I drove to Samois-sur-Seine for a walk along the river in the late afternoon sun. I had several pictures to choose from, beautiful reflections, gulls, another great-crested grebe, but I finally went with this shot of a barge passing by Héricy on the other side of the river. Then it was off to do a bit of grocery shopping on my way home. I was on my own for dinner tonight, since Roger was out at a work dinner.

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