Bittern - Fifty Shades Of Grey-Brown

I had plans to shoot for Friday 13th today. I haven't got a black cat but I thought maybe I could get a shot in the woods by the lake reminiscent of Crystal Lake in the film. Then it started raining. My constitutional was off. I visited Longlands Hide first and got some nice redwing and long-tailed tit shots.

From there to the Bittern Hide. Two women were just leaving and told me that the butterbump was not far into a patch of reeds fairly close to the hide. I stared for ages and just couldn't see it. Its camouflage is phenomenal. Even when I had spotted it I only had to take my eyes off it for a second and I'd lose it again.

It eventually came, very gingerly, walkabout. It moves slowly and cautiously, swaying from side to side with a crouching gait. It's a bit green about the gills and has green legs and feet, blending in with the fresh reeds too. I'm amazed by the size of its claws.

Thirteen, lucky for some. :) I've got decent pics of this iconic, elusive bird in the past but none recently. Delighted to be able to show you it in its entirety.         

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