Pancakes For Breakfast At Tiffany's

Things didn't go to plan today. :( I had seen a pancake day sign up in Hatfield Heath and went at 10:00 to find out if they planned to have a race. A room in the church hall was filled, standing room only, with mainly women of a certain age, like me, chattering away. When the door was opened a pancake fug hit me. No race this year but maybe next said the vicar. I soon made myself scarce.

Plan B was to photograph the pancake race at Hoddesdon. The weather was gorgeous but it was very poorly organised in comparison with the one I shot at Waltham Abbey last Shrove Tuesday. I got some shots and was thinking about leaving anyway when the organiser told me that I had got to ask the permission of parents before I took pictures of the children even though there was a sign up saying that photographs would be taken of the event. I was a bit annoyed as there was hardly a person in the crowd not taking pics with phones, tablets and compacts. I felt it was anti DSLR.

From there to Fishers Green. I had a lovely walk around Seventy Acres Lake. The light was wonderful. Canada geese are everywhere and I don't usually bother to photograph them but this one caught my eye. She's so pretty. I think she looks like Audrey Hepburn. :)


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