Showing the white feather

Slow start to the morning and then saw the accountant to sort out the tax situation. That was certainly much easier when one was an employee. About a year ago she sold me on the value of a programme called Xero. I finished up spending most of the rest of the day (after a refresher course this morning) reconciling the accounts. When I've done all that, what does the accountant do? 

Collected Young L from school, and Mr H arrived shortly after we got back to the apartment. Neither boy wanted to accompany me to Western Springs Lake and surrounds. I went alone. Ducks, swans and geese everywhere.

As I walked alongside Motions Creek, I spotted movement of the surface of the water. I looked harder, and quite quickly realised that I could see a fish under the water, which at that point was quite shallow. I started to take photos, and after the first (quickly junked on return home) I started to get better and better photos of what appears to be a large koi carp. 

While I was following the fish, I became aware of a papango duck and duckling (the NZ Scaup). A lovely mother and child photo.

Later went to the lake itself and was entertained briefly by a dominance (and submission) display, intriguingly of no interest whatsoever to a tarapunga (red billed gull). 

In this area of the lake, there are many swallows circling fast and low over the water, and one of my inflight photos was another (after the fish) challenger for today's blip. Nothing could match the drama shown by two male swans, which I hope that I have shown.

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