Day 1 Triptych challenge

Five Days of Triptych
Three Photos a day / Five Days Challenge

Yuba challenged me to do this and I am starting the feel better, so here I am. First go look at Yuba's beautiful triptychs -starting at Day 1. If you don't follow yuba, you really should! He lives in Finland and takes the most beautiful nature photography. 

Are you wondering what my photos are featuring? A Lochness monster?  Nope! A Florida manatee, swimming right off our dock - our "street". I think an immature or baby, not sure. They are kind of shy.

Thank you for all your good wishes. I still had a slight fever this morning but since then & talking to the doctor for recommendations, my fever has gone done. I am still tired, but better. Steve says it is going to build my immunities!!! xo

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