Looking up Above Me

for the Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge with thanks to Hobbs :)

I don't think this is the best one, but its one of the clearest!  For some reason although I preset the camera to f22 when I left home, it was only on f8 for some shots (frustratingly...I wonder if its when I set it to the 'scene' or 'nature' setting....

Some more of my attempts in flickr...

Thank you so much for all of your concern.  As you can see I've been out today.  Still giddy and with a strange head, but I think better than yesterday.  I am hoping to be able to go out to my Bible Study group tonight as we're having a social and I won't have to do anything in advance, but I will see how I feel.

For now, back to the sofa again!

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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