12.6C with good sunny spells. Light breeze. Solar Eclipse.

Leading up to the eclipse this morning we had thin cloud, so I was able to look out of the window and get a look through the clouds at the moon crossing the sun before the clouds cleared to give blue sky.

Maeve the Deerhound and I went for our walk after lunch. We went up to the church then continued out along the country road to Scryne. We turned right at Craigmill farm and went down the track to the shore. The farrner was out in his tractor harrowing the field to the left of the track as we walked towards the sea.

We turned right at the bottom of the track, walked along the cycle path, then walked up the bridle path a little to get a closer look at a tractor with full seed sowing equipment working its way back and forth in the field next to the bridle path. As we watched the machine stopped and the driver got out and had a look in the container on the front of the tractor, then walked round to the back and had a look in the container at the rear. Leaving the rear container open, he walked up and down the last rows the machine had been sowing. My guess would be checking for seed in the ground. At this point I decided to carry on walking.
We came home along the cycle path, and when I turned back to look the tractor was over at the side of the field beside some huge sacks of seed near the bottom of the bridle path. Either waiting to load up or for a repair perhaps.We came home in a loop, heading into Carnoustie then up the main road before turning along for home.

E-PL5 f/11 1/400 sec. ISO-200 42mm

Note: I completed the copy and paste of all my journal text entries into a diary program on my PC today. Journal safely backed up and archived.

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