A Cloudless Sky

I had to go to the garage to have a fault on my car sorted out first thing - my third visit in as many weeks. Annoying !

It had been cold overnight, with an early frost. The sky was a clear blue, no clouds at all. Except ..... The cooling towers at Fiddlers Ferry were sending their own cloud up into the clear sky, which looked strangely fantastic, in a very unnatural way. So I took some photos, as I had arrived very early.

Editing the photo on my i pad at the garage (I was there for ages) I liked the photos in black and white.

When I did get back out into the open air, the blue sky had gone, fluffy clouds everywhere. Until the end of the day coming out of Manchester Town Hall it was very clear again. The Midland Hotel looked fantastic with the sun glinting on the terracotta. But I had to choose one blip !

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