If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Day 500 of 469!

Well according to blip this is my 500 th blip.  According to me it is my 469th!  How is it that the two figures are different.  Well I posted my first blip on 17 December 2013.  So this is my 469 blip.  As I had been a guest to comment on CC's journal they gave the date I became a guest as the date I became a member.  I have posted 500 blips but they are in my opinion not blips as they were back blips or if they had used my correct joining date archive blips.

Well rant over.   This afternoon we decided to go down Haweswater to take some photos.  The weather wasn't bad when we set off, as we neared the lake a few drops of rain were falling.  By the time we stopped it was raining.  So we got out the umbrella and took turns one holding the umbrella and one taking shots.

When our hands got too cold we decided to call it a day.   So we were home again before it was late but the rain was still falling.

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