March Goes Out like a Lion

Cold? I'll give you cold! I swear even the seagulls were shivering this morning, and on the short walk along the road to the harbour to find some breaking waves, my fingers were numb and on the way to being frost bitten.
As luck would have it, Sandend harbour was sheltered and the waves were not blip worthy even though I could hardly keep still 5+ feet above the ground with the force of the wind.

With sunshine to start with, the squally showers soon blew in from the west as we drove along to the big metropolis of Elgin, there not to see son #1, who has made a timely exit with his family to ski in Italy, but for some retail therapy.

On the way back His Lordship kindly stopped the car at Portessie just outside Buckie for me to stand on the shore line and photograph the boiling sea. I think he had perhaps hopes of my being blown out to sea in order for a quiet life, but my solidity withstood the gale and my blip shows two little boys enjoying the wild weather.

When we got back to Sandend we sat outside in the conservatory with our wine, coats and hats on to watch the insipid snow flakes of a passing shower melt on the windows.
It could have been Christmas.

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