Looking Down

from the bridge on the fast flowing River Lambourn....

for the Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge hosted by Hobbs :)

(apologies, its not as good as I wanted to do, but I am exceptionally tired today and very glad to be home after food shopping in Sainsburys

Apologies for  Ranting
Why is it that some people like to buy the shelves up!  There was a woman who was buying dozens of Easter eggs and she also took the last of the Lindt rabbits which other people wanted too, so there were arguments going on (she wouldn't allow anyone else near them)!

Surely if you need to buy lots of the same item you'd either order online or ask the supermarket in advance, so they could buy in extra items..

Rant over

I'm back on the sofa resting now.   So glad I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow evening when I'm reading at the Maundy Thursday service :)

This week is going far too quickly for me (I'll be back at work before I know it)!

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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