Moorhen reflected on the Lambourn River today :)

Its been a very grey day, and the reflections were very poor.

I've spent  a lot of time thinking this week about life in general and wondering where I'm going with everything (feeling adrift a bit really)..

Its a hard decision but I've decided to step back this weekend and take some time out (Friday morning to Monday evening) from blip (and more so Facebook).  Apart from anything else, on Facebook I'm getting very fed up with all the political hype going on.  I have two cousins (brother and sister) in the same family each standing for a different political party in the same area)...

I need to be prepared for the 'phased back to work' starting on Tuesday.  I'm only working a couple of hours a day, but I am certain it will not be easy after such a long and unexpected time away (and I'm not really looking forward to going back, but need to be fit before I start looking for another job).

Anyway, I will still post blips (I think), but apologies in advance as I definitely won't get to all your journals...

Now I need to have an early dinner and get ready to go out to the Maundy Thursday Service where we are reading through the whole St John's Gospel (I'm reading John 12 verses 20-36 for those interested).

Happy Easter folks :)

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