Today's Special

By Connections

Easter Sunday -- 1954

Old photos can remind us of times gone by, even if we can't remember the details. I'm fascinated that my father took photos in both black and white and color before church on that Sunday, and wonder if he had two cameras or changed film. The color photo might be a later print from a slide -- I can't remember that, either! 

My mother made my dress; I think my sister E's was store-bought. We rarely had toys in our Easter baskets, but 1954 was an exception, with those almost life-size lambs, which delighted us when we saw them next to our baskets. The following year, we would have a baby sister to cuddle at Easter-- even better!

Memories4Me has a similar photo, taken in 1955, on her journal today, and thoughtful words that touched both my mind and my heart.

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