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By walkingMarj

After the blizzard, it's Spring again

Yesterday was dominated by heavy rain then sleet with high winds. today dawned bright and sunny, with a cold nip in the air. I went for my first proper walk since the operation. It was all of 1 mile on the flat around the village but it felt great. Aggie enjoyed it; it's sitting that she can't do properly yet, particularly at the computer.

There is colour everywhere, with daffodils, primulas, grape hyacinths and loads of lesser celandines in flower. These are in a small wooded area where they form a yellow carpet. I had to put my camera on the ground and hope for the best with this image. It took a few goes to produce this one.

PS The first version of this looked really washed out with pale lemon instead of the darker yellow of the celandines. On my screen it looked fine when edited. I have now uploaded an oversaturated version (in Photoshop) that looks fine when I view it in Blipfoto. I thought I had got over the problem with colour that happened when we first converted to the new style. If this looks the wrong colour, please tell me. Thanks

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