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By walkingMarj

A quiet day at home

Aggie needed a day of just pottering at home. It was quite wild and cold this morning, so I felt I had a good excuse not to venture out.

I've been able to do more reading than usual over the past couple of weeks. We are going to hear 3 new novellists in the Hexham Book Festival, so I'm reading their books in preparation. I have finished Anna Hopes Wake and This Little Piggy  by Bea Davenport, so today I'm tackling "The Mirror World of Melody Black"  by Gavin Extence.  It's good to read different authors, even if I was shouting at the book telling Clare, in This Little Piggy, that she should call Social Services!  I had also worked out the killer early on, but it was still quite a good read.

I had a very quick wander around the garden to find a blip.  Lesley raised the pompom primulas that grace our front garden and they are a delight. I decided to isolate this one from a background of messy soil, full of twigs, and give it a tint based on it's own main colour.

Suddenly I find I am overdue in sending off the Final Instructions for the Walking Festival participants. There's another "little" job to keep me happy!

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