An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Tulips in the Garden...

Tulips in the park.  But the tulips I like best are the two lips in the dark.  

Hahahahaha that little Valentine's verse came to mind as I was snapping these tulips on my phone this morning.   I discovered the Snapseed app on my phone has been updated so thought I would give it a go and the tulips were an easy target.  Got really cross at first as the new app's completely different to the old one, but now I've got the hang of it, I like it.  A lot.   Just as I do the new blip site.  It's hit me over the past week just how much I enjoy using the new site and yes, even like the white background.  Who knew?!!  :-))

Alan's been out and about with Gill today.  He's had the most horrendous cold over the past week and has hardly eaten a bite, but he's smiling again today and his nose has slowed down production of the green gunk (apologies if you're eating :-) so I'm hoping he's turned a corner and his appetite will pick up.

Better get his tatties on just incase.

PS Yesterday's back blip  Fountain of Youth 

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