Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Edith's Balloon Wall

I blipped this remarkable  “UP” house before, (HERE) the testament of an old lady who didn’t want to move and the shopping center was built around her.    Went by it today and thot I’d document the “progress”…it's got new windows since last oct. It was put on the market in March, first in an auction that got no bids and then for sale,,  but no one has bought it —the deadline I read was April 20 -it’s become a tourist attraction with lots of people attaching balloons and notes to Edith... Comparing it to the movie "UP."  One of the stipulations of buying it was that the buyer had to do something to memorialize Edith Macefield.    Well, perhaps it’s doomed to be demolished…… 

You can read more and have a tour of the house HERE

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