Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

City of 6 blipping years

My first blip was May 12, 2010 so I guess I’ve missed only a couple and added a few old ones but  t’s hard to ignore the notice one gets from blip that says it’s today, the 4th.   2190.   Thank goodness for blip and the 4 who saved it so we who are addicted can keep going.   It’s still fun to think about a picture for the day. I still have trouble commenting regularly but am appreciative of the friendships, information and ideas gathered, and just the general good humor of blippers.
Who knows how long this will last.   I guess now it’s the challenge of learning new ways to present old subjects.   Hopefully this happens.   Flipping through my first year blip book I see  2 black and white photos… I love color.. Now I love mono almost as well.  Speaking of blip books, last year I thought I would be organized and add the blips to a Blurb book so when this day came along it’d be all ready to print.    Ha, silly girl.  Change my whole personality?   Hopefully they are mostly in a folder together at any rate.

The photo: This week I’m focusing on the City.  But the Aquamarine blip days  need to include water… so here you have a cloudy day in Seattle, having rained a bit earlier; the University Bridge  (site of yesterday’s blip) and the Rowing club we no longer belong to (sigh) on the right ..(Not sure who rows at noon when this was taken)  seen from Ivar’s Salmon house at the north side of Lake Union with the NW Coast totem (this is a bear) and the freeway bridge overhead where I hung the balloon.  There was a stream of boat traffic heading west —it finally dawned on me that they are heading out (at noon on wed!!)  to secure a spot on the log boom in Lake Washington for the Opening Day crew races and parade on Sat! 

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